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I'm currently going through the application process to apply for law. I retook my first year of A levels after I did quite badly. I originally did Biology, Chemistry, History and Psychology. The subject choices just weren't for me (Biology and Chemistry) and my mum was becoming quite sick but I continued on with the other two onto A2 because the majority of subjects were becoming linear and so this way would mean I would have less exams. I then picked up EPQ, Religious Studies and English lit. I got my results in August and got two Bs in History and Psychology A level, an A in RS and EPQ and a B in English lit (the grade for English lit doesn't count as it is linear and so I have to essentially redo these exams in the Summer, but my RS and EPQ grades do). I wasn't far off an A in History and Sociology and so I am planning to resit modules in them. My predicted grades are As, I might be able to get an A* in Religious as well.

Ok now that I've explained that (sorry if it's confusing) I am scared I won't get into uni. I really want to study law, after going to Summer Schools and completing a work experience placement I know I would enjoy this degree but it's such a competitive degree subject. I have avoided applying to unis that require the LNAT and ones that have a strict retake policy like King's. Despite that, I have a fear I won't get in because I retook and have A levels in B grades when they mainly want A's. Also, my careers department have said that I have to put my original AS grades down (U's in the sciences- I know it's bad, believe me). I really want to go to Leeds (I am eligible for the Access to Leeds scheme so could potentially get an offer of ABB) and I want to apply for Birmingham, SOAS, Warwick and I'm not sure about the last one. I'm thinking about applying for 3 or 4 unisi initially then more when I get a response.

What do you guys think- am I aiming too high? Should I write pending on my A levels in History and Psychology on my UCAS or disclose them? Any advice is appreciated and sorry for the long post! TIA

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