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    Hi. I'm currently a first year Natural Science student at Keele University and I am thinking of applying to medicine. The two core sciences and the supporting science that I have chosen to do for Natural Science is Chemistry and Biosciences with Forensics Science. I am hoping that the content covered in chemistry does help my application to medical schools as I would have (hopefully) covered most, if not all, of the content covered in A/level chemistry. My a/level results were not the best they could have been but I have also done a Science Foundation Year where I did subjects such as chemistry and biology that were up to AS standard at least. I got an overall first in this year.

    I'm thinking of applying to Leeds university because the course structure looks good and it is also close to my home. I understand that graduates won't get a lot of support from the government when doing a second degree so commuting looks like a good idea. Also I have a tendency to get home sick every now and then and the commute from the university I am in now to home is about 2 or so hours but it involves a few train changes.

    I don't know if this is true or not but I have heard that some universities accept students on to medicine if the students have completed first year. Now its a bit too late for me to apply as I haven't done UKCAT/GAMSAT but if this is true then I'm thinking of applying in my second year for entry in 2018. But I was wondering if medical schools do accept students to join at the end of year 2 without finishing their degree? I've seen the TSR post about this issue but its outdated by 2 years. I don't want to email the universities that I want to apply to with this question as I feel that they might put me off with their response. If this is not advisable then I don't mind completing my degree and then applying as a graduate. I thought I'll ask TSR people for advice before going forward with this. I've been advised by my personal tutor to look into careers now itself so that I can choose to do modules relevant to medicine especially in chemistry itself.

    Hope someone can help.
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Updated: October 2, 2016
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