The brainwashing of society

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    The brainwashing of society can be seen everywhere. And this brainwashing is particularly effective in the youth who have not had time to question things yet.

    Examples of this brainwashing for the benefit of the mentally weak, the ignorant and the naive, who are brainwashed by the media signal that comes to their homes:

    - why is gay marriage good for Christianity not Islam
    - why is black group identification good but while group identification bad
    -why is it terrible to offend people except for whites, makes, Christians, bankers etc.,
    - why is Russia allegedly sponsoring Ukrainian rebels bad but Western sponsorship or Syrian Rebels good
    - why is Nazi Germany invasion of Danzig region of Poland which they owned 19 years before bad but Israel invasion based on mythical ownership 2000 years ago good
    - why do people believe that Israel was conceived of in 1948 when it was promised under the Balfour Declaration in 1917 by the British government to the Rothschild controlled Zionist Federation of Great Britain.
    - why do people believe that Ethiopian nationalist Heile Selassie is great but white European nationalists are terrible?
    - Why is it terrible is Trump restrict Muslim immigration but it's cool for Saudi Arabia to only allow Muslim immigration?
    - how can wars be mistakes due to false dossiers etc. When they are a constant for decades?
    - why do people hate Putin without knowing why?

    Why do we have freedom of expression but it's fine to use laws and censorship to stop people talking about the brainwashing of society.

    Just know that you can effectively turn off the brainwashing media signal that comes to your home by turning off the devices that are connected to it. You can tune into it again once you have deprogrammed your mind and can filter out the false narrative.
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Updated: October 2, 2016
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