I'm finding a level maths too difficult should i drop it?

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    Hello guys,

    So Im a few weeks into sixth form (year 12) now and I've chosen maths, chemistry, biology and economics as my 4 options. However it seems that I've been really struggling with a level maths. In the first exam I only got around 11 marks out of 40 while other students got double this and even higher. Since then I haven't understood much in class at all and everything that we've been learning seems like a completely different language now!

    Anyway I've been thinking of dropping maths for a while now. Although i can't decide whether to do so because of all the doors it may close for me in university if I do drop it. My teacher is a complete idiot who embarrasses me for not knowing the answers to the questions and I do not feel like she would offer much help If I go to her. I always liked maths at gcse and I achieved an A but now I feel so lost in the subject. So I now have the chance of doing maths but possibly failing it or changing it to a useless subject like psychology and drop it at A2.

    Do you think if I drop maths it would limit my options at uni e.g. for accounting and such and what courses will that leave me with at uni with my a level choices without maths? Sorry for the long rant but I really can't decide. Thank you.

    Stick with it, Maths is something that takes alot of practice, i got low grades (d grade in the mocks) at the start of as level and a2 level but as i did more practice i got better at the topics, and got an A for my final year.
    With your teacher, I would leave the ego behind and just ask for help in the end it's you that needs the grades.

    if you drop maths, you're going to be left with a pretty *****y combo of subjects imo

    I got a U in my maths AS mocks, and up to that point I was averaging around 5-7 marks out of 72 in practise. Got a B in the A-level.

    It will take time, and practise, but once you adjust to the style of AS maths it become reasonably enjoyable.

    what do you want to do at uni? your science choices shows you want something along med. in which case maths isn't required but it'll only look good.

    you've covered about 40/75 of c1 already? then that means your teacher is super fast. ive only covered like 15? along with M1
    this is what my teacher thinks of students who got B/A at gcse, she thinks that they dont have the mechanism of number work drilled into their head yet so it will take time to do C1 but it's not impossible if you put some time out at home to do questions, watch some youtube videos such as exam solution where he's good at explaining.
    i know its stressful knowing she wont be much help, i saw my teacher got a little frustrated trying to explain something relatively easy over and over again the other day and it must have been inconvenient for the girl :s but if this is what you want go for it. otherwise drop it. 2 years of hell wont make your A levels easy

    It depends entirely on what subject you want to do at uni. For example you won't need maths for something like philosophy, or most humanities. In such a case it's always better to get a good grade on a soft subject such as psychology than a bad grade in Maths. (Check the websites of certain universities for their courses and requirements - you'll get a better idea)
    If however you want to go into the sciences or accountancy, then maths would probably be quite useful - but you'd need a good grade.
    My advice is that if it doesn't align with your future goals, and you don't like it, then drop it.
    Having said that, there are so many websites with maths resources, i.e
    Khan Academy website
    that you can get help from there.

    If that doesn't work, then you can always look into tutoring. I know that my brother is a tutor for Edexcel A-level Maths

    I was a total failure at the start of my AS maths course until roughly December where I somehow managed to get my classwork to be consistently A/B borderline. If you're genuinely interested in the subject and your only reason for dropping is the grades, then stick with it. At my school they basically assume everybody was like A* GCSE standard so they blitzed through C1 reasonably quick when I could barely even factorise so it did really make me feel like I was totally bad but in the end I just needed more practice.
    only stuck with it cus I low key fancied one of the girls in the class tbh...

    As for how to get better, teach yourself. If you're struggling with the early units you'd possibly benefit from going over some A/A* GCSE stuff if you still have a revision guide for it lying around, and practising questions on the parts that are relevant, as it's the same sort of topics in certain bits, just slightly less awkward questions. Taught me how to do quadratics like somebody who wasn't mentally challenged, anyway. The graph transformation stuff from GCSE turned out to be pretty much exactly the same as the AS.

    After that, these are ****ing beauties:


    I would say if you're still way behind everybody else by January, then might be the time to bail.
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Updated: October 2, 2016
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