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    I have had a number of people now try to tell me I should not pursue a degree but should instead self teach myself. apparently this is a lot more economical and I can get the same education of youtube and other media anyway. Also apparently the internet has many rich resources.

    Well to be fair I have been shown some decent stuff on youtube linking to a series of lectures. If one was astute maybe they could put together their own degree.

    my impression is though I don't know what I don't know so flying blind trying to piece together my own degree seems a bit weak. I think this makes sense if I am talking about going to a weak university like Anglia ruskin Bolten or Southampton Solent etc.

    However I doubt I could put together my own education to the same standard as that set by Cambridge, Imperial College, Warwick or Bristol. Even if I could where would I go in the job market sure I can claim an ability in maths at this point but been up against people who have the proof in the form of a certificate vs my own word I don't hold out much hope. I guess they could test me but which employer would waste their time like this?

    Also its not just learning the material its making sure I really know it and understand it how can that be achieved without been put to the test? I could learn all the math stuff for a level, but never sit or practice for the exams. I doubt I would be actually good at the maths doing this.

    What is other peoples take away on this idea?

    Sadly it's quite ingrained in our society that a degree must be shown to prove knowledge. I think certain careers would accept that you know certain info just by demonstrating it. Others not so much.

    it's a nice idea but I think there are some values to having knowledge standardised and tested appropriately and yeah in today's society people might respect that you taught yourself stuff but it won't ever compete with someone who has proven their knowledge with a formal qualification - for obvious reasons
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Updated: October 3, 2016
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