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Advice please- URGENT Watch

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    Hi all,

    I'm new here, I'm starting college (year 12) tomorrow as I didn't get the chance to enroll in the summer because I was in a psychiatric unit in birmingham (i live in London). So as you've probably guessed I'm starting late. I am doing a stress free course Art Design and Media and I really enjoy doing arts and crafts and want to become a community arts worker one day and help people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) express themselves through the arts. There is also no exams only assignments in Level 1, 2 and 3 and it is a Diploma. I only have one issue. I haven't been in a mainstream school since year 8 and in all the schools i've been to I have been bullied (even the ones for kids with mental health) and this is a mainstream college, even though they have a great inclusion team and inclusion mentors and LSA's and trained tutors sitting next to you in class if you ask and need it, and I am under the inclusion team there even though I haven't studied at the college yet. Another problem is I have recently been diagnosed with ASD and I suffer really badly with anxiety (mainly social) the inclusion mentor is going to meet with me before class tomorrow and I only have 1 class tomorrow and she's going to introduce me to the teacher before the class and explain my difficulties to the teacher and LSA but I'm panicking about it and on tuesday (my 17th birthday) I'm going to have to go in from 9-12:40 and I have to spend lunch there and im panicking and I don't know what to do and I need advice!!!


    Hey there,

    I can't give any advice from experience (other than I get anxious when I meet new people too). Try to get some sleep tonight, and also maybe tomorrow after school do something fun for you, as like a reward

    Wish you the best tomorrow! I'm sure everyone else here is as well, and make sure you give us an update!

    There isn't much advice we can give you except that it really won't be as bad as you think. Most people aren't bullies and you're in college now... I just started sixth form and the environment is different... bullying people is simply a waste of time at this stage. Anyone who does so at this age is really immature...

    But like the other guy/girl said good luck! We're all supporting you

    Generally once you get to higher education (college, sixth form, uni) no one really minds that you're different. Sure, people will notice, but most don't care.

    My advice would be to take some deep breaths and try to break it down into smaller chunks. Instead of 'I've got to get through a whole day', try 'I've got to meet the teacher', 'I've got to find my class', etc.

    I'm not trying to say that this is the same, but I get really nervous when I have a blood test, and one of the things that calms me down is to hold a small piece of stone (some sort of jasper) and gently rub it with my thumb. It gives me something to focus on and takes my mind off what's going on around me. Maybe something like that could help reduce your anxiety a little, or at least take your mind off whatever is making you feel anxious.

    Either way, you'll be ok, and I hope you do well. You've always got us on here if you need to talk. Good Luck.

    And let's be honest - you'll do great wherever you end up! 
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    People wont worry you especially with art.

    If you want your career then its important you start reintergrating.
    You will be able to do soemthing thats fun tomorrow and its only for the morning. Once you get started then time will go quickly.
    Most people will not be concerned either way and should leave you alone.
    Others might be curious. Smile if you can.
    It might be a big step but you could make some friends. I'm assuming your counselor has helped tlak you through this and how to handle various sitation.

    Take some nice food and use that as a treat. It might be noisy, but you cna always use your phone or some music if allowed.
    If you start to panic then count to ten slowly in your head and that might calm you down.
    It will get easier as each day goes by.

    If anyone causes any trouble (unlikley) or you feel uncomfy, then id suggest getting up and walking to and adult on duty, therby removing yourself from the situation. Thats instead of being in a situatio you feel you cant handle.
    Canteen is likely to be busy and noisy so be prepared for that. Most people by far will be interested in themselves only.

    Post back here and tell us hwo you got on. Good luck and try to enjoy it.
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