Please help! Not entitled to benefits, no funding, at a loss.

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    I've been on ESA long-term for mental health conditions and just started a full-time masters. I don't think I'm entitled to any benefits and with a postgrad loan I'll be getting £200 to live off a month with no other help. I'm not entitled to anything else. I don't know how I'm going to cope and stressing big time. I have no family or friends who can help.

    My course is less than 10 people, one day a week and even this has been leaving me physically and mentally drained for up to 3 days after. To add a job on top of that would be unfeasible as I'd have to work full time just to cover rent and my course advises a maximum of 15hrs week work for your average student. That's not going to dent my outgoings so my mental health would be severely impacted.

    Is there anything I've missed? How am I expected to live? I wanted to better myself and come off ESA, but it seems like they want you stuck on it longer or nothing at all.

    I don't want to get in to a debate on benefits, so please no judgmental replies, I'm already feeling awful.

    Can you do your course part time?

    Please ring Disability Rights UK they should be up to date and know what your benefit entitlement is.
    They are also the ones likley to be most up to date as the postgrad loans are new.

    You can only claim benefits as a disabled student if you receive DLA or pip.
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    Thanks everyone. Waiting times is 16 weeks I was told for PIP. Don't know how I'm supposed to live until then and will probably be refused because it's a mental health condition and they'll see I'm in full time education and reject it.
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Updated: October 3, 2016
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