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    how many people get irregular bleeding on these pills?
    I am a hiker and a runner-- I also study sports science and need to know that if i take this pill whether I will constantly be bleeding or have irregular periods?
    I would prefer to have amenorrhea if possible.

    It varies from woman to woman, and from time to time, and there's no way to tell how any individual will be affected in advance.

    If you want to control whether or not you have a period, you'd be much better off using a combined pill.

    It varies from woman to woman but in general, mini pills are more common to cause irregular bleeding than the combined pill.

    I've been on Cerazette for four years now and for the first six months, my bleeding was monthly like a normal period but after that it became irregular. These days I get a bleed maybe once a month then maybe no bleed again for about six months and some months I've even had about three bleeds right after each other in the same month.

    If irregular bleeding would be an issue for you then the combined pill would maybe be best if you can take that kind of pill.

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    Nearly every f***ing day, which isn't much of a consolation seen as I initially took them to get rid of the heavy bleeding and awful pain.
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    Thanks for your replies, I was on the combined pill but I can't take oestrogen anymore due to high BP and migraines.

    It may be worth knowing that progesterone only pills can be divided into 'Cerazette and the rest'. It has more progesterone than the alternatives and if you try one sort and don't get on with it, the other may work better for you.
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Updated: October 4, 2016
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