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Creepy work colleague watch

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    Basically I work with this girl who is super weird/creepy.

    She joined the workplace during summer and I didn't speak to her when she first started. Recently we got talking and I thought she was alright so we went out for lunch a few times. Now I think she's under the impression that we're best friends. She's sent me calendar invited to go on lunch with her twice a week and the day before we're due to go she always asks me if we're still going on lunch the next day (I can see it's in my calendar so what's the need to approach me?). Also she always comes up to my desk and stays and talks for upto 30 mins, it's so annoying because I'm clearly working and she doesn't go away, I don't even speak back much yet she still doesn't get the message.

    That's not even the worst part. So every time I get up to leave/go to the toilet I sort of have to pass her and she just stares at me, like she proper turns her head to see what I'm doing and I can see her staring from the corner of my eye. Even if I walk over to the printer she'll come straight away and print something too and I act like I haven't seen her but she just stares at me, it's SO weird and it makes me uncomfortable.

    Furthermore, she's racist. She's always making comments about black people and Asians (South Asians) and ignorant people aren't people that I can deal with. The most hilarious thing is that she thought I was White (I have an English name) and when I told her that I'm Filipino she was so shocked - I clearly look of bloody Asian origin so I wouldn't be surprised if she assumed I was Chinese.
    Also the next day she went and told her mum I'm not White (don't mean to sound rude, I mean both my parents aren't English). And she told me that her mum said that she hopes that I don't influence my religion on her - they assumed I was Muslim. I didn't even bother to tell her that I'm Christian because I was so shocked that she openly said that to me. I genuinely cannot tolerate such ignorant comments - I have not once spoken about religion with her - all I talk about is food usually.

    Also she tells me really personal things about herself and how she's had infections down to her hygiene like it's so disgusting, I don't understand why she tells me these things I hate being around her.

    Also, she suggested that we go on holiday together, bear in mind we've only been speaking a few weeks and not even that much, I just find her so weird.

    I don't know how to get rid of her in a nice way it's so hard when you work with someone.

    P.s. Sorry for the long ass essay.

    Oh dear. I think it's important to do this in the most delicate way, because you've got to work with her. Offices are full of this sort of thing. Is there a way that you could take her aside, privately, and explain politely but firmly that whilst she is entitled to hold her opinions about foreigners, they're not opinions that you share and, indeed, are diametrically opposed to your own views. That might be enough for her to see that the relationship has cooled, and she might just back off without having to do any further intervention.
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