Self-teaching myself Physics

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    I'd like to learn some Physics. I haven't done anything to do with Physics since GCSE (i.e. in two years) ans I don't know where to begin. I suppose I will be teaching myself to an A-Level sort of standard.

    Has anyone got suggestions?

    Sorry just noticed the tautological title.

    Decide which board you are gonna do first i guess, and decide where and how you are gonna complete your coursework if there is any.

    okay, where to start depends on a couple of other things. If you don't have an A2 level in maths you may want to get a textbook on "maths for A level physics" trust me. if you dont know the maths ur a goner in the exam (i do A2 maths and its still sometimes hard)

    If you're experienced with maths, look at Edexcel modular maths M1 (it has ALL the mechanics from physics AS in) and for the A2 i believe the first part of M2? (not doing it so im unsure there)

    i recommend getting a textbook (hodder is a good one) and for each topic look up the "prior knowledge" section before each topic. sometimes its easy sometimes not so.

    Oh yeh, also the textbook is good and all, but to really learn you should find a youtube channel that goes through the course you do. Also i HIGHLY recommend doing exam questions if you intend on doing an exam. theyre the WORST and can be horribly worded at times

    Well, not going to lie to you, its going to be hard especially if you want to understand everything, which you will need to if you are aiming for A/A*. Make sure that after u have covered a topic give yourself a test which you have not seen to yourself and mark it as a third party. The problem is that sometimes the textbook doesnt explain things very well and it is easy to question the textbook. Normally the teacher clears this up but in your case, try googling it or ask someone here

    youtube is very helpful and there are all sorts of useful videos just by searching gscse physics. Also im doing AQA tripple science and i have a revision guide for each science mine are from CGP and the cover everything that would usually be on a GCSE paper but break it down into a more fun easy way to learn it.
    hope this helped in some way.
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Updated: October 3, 2016
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