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Few question about my girlfriend and her guy friend

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    Hi all,
    So i will try to keep it simple and short.
    Basically my girlfriend met some guy at school that helps her to get better in the sport shes doing, but i could clearly see the guy likes her. She ignored my warnings and ideas to tell him clearly that she only is for the sport and nothing else. I told her he will probably ask her to go somewhere else for food or anything not related to this sport, she ignored saying he won't and week later he did... ask her to meet up but he didn't made it clear to her and she didn't knew so he waited for her a bit and then got all sad/mad at her for not showing up.
    Then she said that ''yeah he might like me more than just friends'' which i was sure since beginning. Now i found that he text her that hes afraid of felling in love and getting crazy about her... etc etc, she replied to him that he shouldve told her this instead of saying they cant see each other or talk anymore ... ''leaving me all confused''
    I dont know... i love her she says she loves me, i trust her most i can and i want to trust her but she makes me trust her less and less. She doesn't tell me a lot i need to ask a lot to get info from her but then she got irritated and it leads to arguments. She sometimes being salty and mean to me [But it might be just me over reacting]. She said that she doesn't like him like this... but she need him for that sport[which she really doesn't because she cant find many different people to play it and get better at it] i trusted her that she doesnt like him like that but after that ''that he shouldve told her this instead of saying they cant see each other or talk anymore ... ''leaving me all confused'''
    I dont know what to think about it, from what i see he wanted to stop talking to her and not seeing each other of getting to crazy about her ? but she seem that she wanna talk to him and seeing him ? I dont know im really confused
    + i fking hate these type of guys who even tho Girl say she has a boyfriend they still hitting on her and getting into our relationship like they just deserve a strong slap to get their mind together before getting beaten up

    Anyway what do you think guys about it as im really confused.


    Tell her to **** him off and cut contact with him, if she refuses or overreacts ditch that **** or else you'll just get cut up later mate trust

    She shouldnt be doing something that makes you so uncomfortable if she really cared about you

    doesn't sound like she's done anything wrong or has any bad intentions for the relationship

    however I would question why she is allowing a relationship with someone acting like this... if someone told me they wanted a relationship with me I would tell them I had a boyfriend and categorically wasn't interested and it wasn't okay for them to try it on when I was in a relationship and if they continued I'd be cutting contact - I think she needs to work out some boundaries
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    Thanks for reply guys,
    Yeah i know and this is what gets me confused, because recently i was really tired of constantly getting sad and it just repeat twice now or 3 times something like this, its not like she cheated and its not like she will cheat on me i trust her with that but i was just tired so even tho i was so sad i asked if she wanna break up because i was whatever cant get worse much but she doesn't she wanna be with me and only with me but it just annoys me that she can't say ''NO'' to guys she is just too nice to everyone even guys that hit on her she seems to not see that they hitting on her ? And then say really sorry i should've listen to you ... so idk it just makes me confused
    But we worked things out yesterday that she will make it clear to him she has a boyfriend cuz he seems to forgot and cut their friendship, she said shes ignoring him ''kind of''
    I dont wanna make my self feel that im cutting her friends like telling her with what guys to talk and which not or like to cut friendship but even you guys need to agree that in this case she should cut their friendship because the guy clearly fell for her and either their friendship will be awkward knowing he loves her and she doesnt or either it will develop for her having some feelings for him

    You seem like a nice person, just tell her honestly how you feel, and how you don't want to cut her off from her friends, but that this is making you very comfortable and that she needs to be direct and tell him that this isn't appropriate. If she doesn't do that but continues to see him regularly I would question whether this is the best thing for you. Good luck!

    Relationships are just pointless wastes of time anyway…
    Being single and not having to worry about that s*** is the best feeling!
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Updated: October 4, 2016
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