Getting to know her again

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    So I kinda knew a girl in school, not in detail, never closest of friends, mostly the odd chats in lessons but everything about her was different to other girls I've met, even in college. I'm not a guy to jump into a relationship but she's the only girl I'm willing to say "Hey, I like you" (not like that but you get what I mean). Now I wanna speak to her but it's been well over a year, I'm always looking out for her but only see her very rarely so when I do get the chance how should I approach? Speak then ask her? A few conversations then ask her?

    Seems like a solid idea. Build a friendship first.
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    (Original post by bellalalaxo)
    Seems like a solid idea. Build a friendship first.
    Right normally just mutually ignore people I went to school without, just don't wanna seen weird though I might try on the bus
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    *I went to school with.

    Just a few things in my head right now, like whether she'll remember me, if she'll be near me on the bus. The worst thing that can happen is I see her but don't say anything. I suppose it's just having the confidence to say "Hey" but often a couple friends (guys) get on and I don't really speak to them anymore so I just wanna make a good impression. I know I'll bite the bullet and talk to her now but I'm worried I won't make the right impression.
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    loooool would appreciate any advice, doesn't matter if not
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Updated: October 4, 2016
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