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I'm studying... Maths, Numeracy, English Language, English Literature, Double Science (2 GCSEs in Physics, Chemistry, Biology)*, Home Economics, Media Studies, Geography, History (Germany 1919-1947*, USA 1929-2000, Britain), Welsh Baccalaureate, Full course Welsh, Short course Welsh*, Short course RE*.

All GCSEs sat with WJEC exam board.

*Germany 1919-1947 - Exam sat in Year 10, June 2016 - Grade achieved: C
*Short course Welsh - Exam sat in Year 9, May 2015 - Grade achieved: B
*Short course RS - Exam sat in Year 10, May 2016 - Grade achieved: B
*Double science - 1st GCSE out of 2 sat in June 2016 - Grade achieved: C (highest grade - Foundation tier)

I'm interested in... Watching TV, going out with friends, story writing, reading, History.

My study level is... GCSE
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Just wanted to say thanks for joining The Student Room: welcome on board!

How's it going so far? Found what you need? Below I've listed a few things you might fancy trying on TSR. If you've got any questions, add them to the TSR news, help and feedback forum.

Put your work head on:
No matter what level or subject you're studying, you'll find someone on TSR who can help. Find your subject in the Study Help forum and ask a question or visit our brilliant revision section for help and advice. And if you're planning on going to university, you have to visit our uni applications forum. It's full of people who can help you through the whole process.

Take it easy:
You know there's more to TSR than studying, right? In Hobbies and Interests you'll find people talking about everything from the latest football scores through to what mobile phone to buy next. Or how about the Debate and Current Affairs forum? Latest news, politics,'s all fair game in here.

That's just a taster, of course. To find even more conversation, head to the Forums page and find a place to start up your own discussion.

Enjoy the site!

Ollie, from the TSR community team

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