How good are my chances to getting into a decent uni for computer science?

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So I want to do computer science when I'm older. I did A-levels previously and I did pretty badly in my AS results as a result of family issues and stress overload (DDEU) and I then decided that A-levels weren't for me.

After that I decided to do a BTEC extended diploma in IT. I worked really hard in my first year as I want to be successful when I'm older, and I got D* D*.
I'm now doing UCAS and my predicted grade is D*D*D*. What are my chances of getting into a decent uni after my past with AS levels?

I have pretty decent GCSE grades if it matters at all (5A,4B)

I checked and these are all of the russell group unis that would accept me if I got D*D*D* (My predicted grade)

Queen Mary London (D*DD)
Bristol (D*D*D*)
Newcastle (D*DD)
Nottingham (D*D*D*)
University of Southampton (DDD)

Most universities that are in the top 30 and aren't Russell group would also accept me. For example, Aston is ranked number 9 in the 2017 guardian comp sci rankings and they require DDD.

Furthermore I have 2 weeks work experience at the leading software development company for the estate agent industry in the UK. Its quite a large company (11 million turnover) and I tested their software capabilities as part of my work experience for BTEC

So would my AS results really hinder my chances that much?
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While your AS grades are pretty bad, you have good experience and have shown to have matured by massively improving. This shows you are determined, so the AS grades shouldn't be any problem

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