Any nurses(adult and child) who decided to do the degree after doing the diploma?

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    I know the diplomas are now scrapped and every aspiring nurse has to do the nursing degree as nursing is more academic than how it was 10 years or so ago.

    I am just wondering if there are any nurses on here who decided to do the nursing degree after completing their diploma, not necessarily straight away.

    If so, then how did that differ from your diploma?

    Also, those who trained the "old school way" with a diploma, do you find that your counterparts who went to university are more knowledgeable and can easily move up the bands?

    Fundamentally there is little or no difference between 2and 3 rd generation post P2k Diplomas and Degrees, the main difference is that the level or academic outcomes is notched up , there's no NQF 3 theory in a degree rather than diploma and there's 120 credits of NQF6 rather an none or 60 in a diploma ...

    A significant proportion of P2k and post P2k Nurses are graduates ... The major difference is that some of them will have used Supporting Learners in Practice as part of their Level 6 study.

    Converting a dip to degree is like doing A levels all over again. U won't feel much of a difference.

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    DipHE wasn't "old school", the old apprenticeship style system that those at the top of the nursing profession seem to be hell bent on returning us to and condemning us to more pay restraint was.

    I recently did my degree pathway which has topped me up. It also means I'm able to apply for senior roles in my speciality, something which my counterparts with a pre reg bachelors degree or masters cannot do without this post reg course.

    I should have added further clarification to my original reply that Diplomas even pure P2K are not 'old school' - old school is the traditional training which still holds Nursing back primarily because the majority of Leaders and senior Managers are still traditionally trained rather than educated and boy does it show when they are trying to deal with other professions and lay managers.
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Updated: October 4, 2016
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