Is Loughborough university good for criminology or psychology?

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    As the title suggests, I am interested in studying a course related to criminology or psychology but I am not sure whether Loughborough is the right university to study at. I have done some research and found that it is one of the best for my interests but I need some advice on whether it is the right decision.

    Hi britneyb5sos

    Great that you're considering Loughborough

    Well we are a little biased Loughborough is a fantastic place to live and study - but the most important thing is to look carefully at everything we offer and decide if it's a good fit for you. For example, if you're after a big city experience whilst at university then Loughborough isn't for you - but if you like the idea of a single-site university campus then you'll love it here, you can't get any better.

    I'd say the most important thing is to have a careful look at the course itself and the modules on offer - do they interest you? Are they relevant to where you see yourself in the future? Think about what interests you the most and what you want to get out of your time at university - do you want to get any industry experience during your studies? If you do, Loughborough offers an optional placement year as part of every course, so that might be something that you'd want to take advantage of.

    Another thing to look at outside of your studies is the student experience on offer - University is not just about finishing with a degree, it's a life-shaping experience that can really develop you as a person and we want you to graduate with new friends, new skills and fantastic experiences. Have a think about what you want to get out of your time at University, and consider the ways that Loughborough (and your other choices) can help towards this.

    It's important to remember, when all is said and done, to settle on a University where you will feel happy and content. Wherever you choose, you'll be spending the next 3-4 years of your life there - so it's about the whole package and where you will feel most at home. So don't go on somebody else's experiences or on what you think you 'should' choose - it's about where you will be happy, as that way you will go on to achieve and develop into a well-rounded, confident graduate.

    Hope this helps good luck with your decision. If you have any more questions about studying at Loughborough, just shout.


    Well have a look at the modules available and take a wander round the campus. Be aware Loughborough is a small town that's mostly the uni so it's not the same experience as being in a big city... that can be good, living costs are cheaper and there's nice countryside and cheap pubs and you're likely to be living close to your lectures... but at the same time there's not as much going on and less big brands/shops

    Loughborough has great sports facilities for people who are serious and not serious about sport, there's loads of other societies too, check out a list to see what interests you

    As for the course - I did social psychology at Loughborough and the really good thing abotu Loughborough is that you can take modules from anywhere in the department so if you study psychology you can take a fair few criminology modules alongside it
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Updated: October 4, 2016
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