How possible is retraining as an accountant?

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    In a nutshell, I'm currently retaking a PGCE placement and have decided a career in education is not for me. One possiibility I have though as an alternative career is acountancy.

    I don't have any direct accounting experience but I would be prepared to study for AAT, ACCA... while working in a pub to pay for training.

    Has anyone had similar experiences? Is getting a job as a trainee accountant without the experience difficult?

    Any guidance much appreciated, thanks in advance

    My friend was in the same position as you. Whilst getting a 'job' isn't necessarily difficult, the difficulty is finding one for a long period of time. Most of his employers were small practices that could only keep him for 2-3 months or less and that is a reality you will have to face.

    Once he had 3-4 jobs on his CV he was able to obtain a entry-level full-time role. Currently he is working and studying towards his professional qualifications.

    There are a few ex teachers at my firm, so it is definitely possible. And don't pay for the training's far too expensive. Apply for graduate level jobs and get onto the ACA (don't start at AAT).

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Updated: October 4, 2016
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