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So lonely at University Watch

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    So i started University on the 26th of September and the first day i thought went okay as i spoke to people and had a good time but it is now the second week and i've not made a single friend. I live at home and travel to University so i didn't really have any of the homesick issues (thank god) but i am having a college sick phase atm because i'm missing college so much due to the fact that i'm so lonely here.

    I'll admit, i am fairly quiet but that kind of disappeared in second year of college where i made so many friends and had the best time and in school i had a big group of friends but now that i'm in University with no friends, i'm actually feeling so depressed.

    I try to make friends with people but i just never click with them or they already have their group of friends so i don't know how to ask if i can join in without sounding like a loser. It just feels like everyone has made their friends and are having a good time and then theres me, I'm having the worst time and have NO friends. It makes my long breaks in between lectures so depressing, i come home only to cry every day.

    Has anyone else felt like this or is feeling like this? i really need advice
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    @page { margin: 2cm } p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120% } I had the same problem last year. I started uni and lived at home but unfortunately I had very low confidence back then. However, later that year I started a new job and met a bunch of people who I didn’t know, but some were in my year at sixth form. A job is different to college/uni because you are joining a team. That gave me the help I needed make a group of friends and build my confidence. This year I'm happy with my confidence, started drinking/clubbing with friends etc. Just went back to uni but haven’t made any friends yet. I feel like I wasn’t ready to join uni last year and that has kinda ruined it for me. That’s why I’ve decided to transfer to a different uni.

    I'm at Cardiff too and I feel the exact same way are you still here or did you transfer? x
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    (Original post by slc1997)
    I'm at Cardiff too and I feel the exact same way are you still here or did you transfer? x
    Well I transferred and I'm generally much happier for it 😁 I was lucky to meet people I already knew
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    Join clubs and societies at your uni. Introduce yourself to people and be interested with them. You could also join volunteering activities and join social clubs out of uni,
    1. 1) Relax, imagine you're just observing or there as a traveller lol.

      2) Smile, smiling in contagious.

      3) Be confident, respect yourself, work out, wear good clothes, feel good, focus on your passions, know you are a good person who treats people well, think positively, be proud of yourself, do things that make you happy, remember your happy times, what makes you, you?

      4) Dress well, have good grooming, hairstyle, have good posture.

      5) Just say hi or hey to people in your vicinity, who cares if they don't say anything back?

      6) Ask how they are, how's everything, what made them choose this course, their plans for the future, their plans for the rest of the day, weekend, how was their weekend, what they will get up to, ask them about their hobbies, talk about the weather etc.

      7) Be passionate about life.

      8) Lighten up, have a laugh, laugh easily, be friendly, interested, relaxed, open to people.

    I'll be your friend .
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