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Hi everyone, i am in my first year of university in Leeds and live in the Henry Price Accommodation. Before I moved in i tried to find information on the halls and could only find posts from years ago so i thought i would make a new one as a lot of the information is outdated on the old one.


SO to start with you'll be living in a flat of nine mixed sex and sharing a bathroom between two (same sex). I will discuss each of the areas separately below. I have split the dining area and kitchen in half even though they are in on big open space.

You get -
3 fridge freezers (one fridge shelf, one freezer shelf each)
9 square cupboards for food which can be padlocked
2 microwaves
1 oven
2 oven tops (8 hobs altogether)
a range of different cupboards and draws for cutlery and dishes
1 sink
1 iron
1 ironing board
mop, bucket, brush, hoover, dustpan and little brush
2 recycle bins
1 general waste bin

The kitchens have just been refurbished so look different to the online pictures.

Things you should buy: A washing up bowl, a dish drainer, toaster

Dining Area:
You get -
2 Tables
3 Couches (same as the photos)
Notice Board


You Get -
Toilet Brush
Sink Cabinet
Two shelves in shower

So the bathrooms connect your bedroom to the person you share the bathroom with meaning you can walk straight through. However there are locks on the inside of your bedroom to keep them out and there is a lock inside the bathroom. To ensure you can't lock each other out of the bathroom, the doors can only be locked from the inside if you are inside the bathroom with both doors shut and to get out you have to unlock both doors.

The showers are nice and powerful

Things you should buy - toothbrush pot

Social Side/ warden rules:
There are some rules however the wardens are quite lenient with these.

There is an 11.00 noise curfew however they only really enforce this if somebody complains.

The reception desk is only open at certain times through out the day which can be quite annoying because this is the only time you can collect parcels. Any letters are sent to a flat post box which can be opened at any time however to get larger parcels you would have to wait for the office to open.

The halls are really sociable and quite noisy, perfect for people who like to party but not everyone goes out.


Bike/car storage:
There is bike storage at the front of the accommodation which can be accessed through the fob used to access the flat door.

There are car parking spaces but they don't allow you to park here unless for medical reasons. It is open on the day you arrive but after that they do not let people use it as it is used by the university instead so do not bring a car!!!

Before you arrive:

Make sure you do the eintro thing on the portal and book a time slot to arrive. It doesn't matter if you're late but you need to have done that. It takes about half an hour to do.
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