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I have just started my second year of A-Levels and have chosen to study Sociology next year in university. HOWEVER... I have not studied this subject previously (really wish I had now!) and although I realise this is not a problem, I do want to do all that I can do be extra prepared for the course. Any ideas on what I can do to gain plenty of knowledge on the subject? I have an AS guide to Sociology, would that be much help, as a starter?
Also I am struggling to think of an opening line for my personal statement?!?! Obviously wanting it to link to Sociology, society, global issues today, media. But I am really stuck with what topic to use ((((
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, can someone give me advice ???

Thank you!!!
Alice Warren
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A good (quick) read to help you decide if you think this is the subject for you is This will give you a quick summary of what the discpline is about and an intro to various theories/ideas within it. You should be able to get a copy at your local library, or its cheap enough to buy.

Writing your PS - start with an answer to 'I want to study this because'. Why Sociology and not another subject like Politics? What do you care about - social inequalities (look this up), gender issues (and this), immigration, global development? Mention this and use examples of what you have read or what you think/feel about an issue(s). Are you involved in relevant activities - anything that shows you understand aspects of the world of others, so any volunteer work, or examples of your experience of other people's lives is good.

Btw, its worth looking at courses/subjects apart from just 'Sociology' - look at Social Policy, Childhood Studies, International Development and even just 'Social Sciences'. You might find these are more interesting than just Sociology.

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