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    (Original post by BloodyValentine)
    i agree chem is an easy AS i got 82% in the coursework and my teacher said i was a failure and that it was the worst mark he'd ever had.
    ur lucky. I'd be fine if we got cw... i'd be laughing(!)
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    Hey thanks guys. :cool:

    I think history is challenging, i'm quite good at essay writing, but i think even if i can get a B, its a subject i have a keen interest in. As for sociology - its not all that easy, although people brand it mickey mouse.

    The thing is, i only want to do 3 subjects - History, soc, and Economics but i am being FORCED to pick a fourth by college despite the fact that i keep saying i dont want to. I'm just doing AS Chem, since chemistry was one of my strongest sciences at school. I dont wish to take Chemistry after the first yr of college.

    I dont know whether, i'll be doing cwk in chemistry but the college website gave the following details : And its with Edexcel 8080.

    AS Assessment
    Structured questions for all Modules. Module 3 also has an internal assessment of experimental skills.

    Module 1 Structure, Bonding and Main Group Chemistry

    Atomic structure; formulae, equations and moles; structure and bonding; periodic table; (I); introduction to oxidation and reduction; group 1 (lithium to caesium) and group 2 (beryllium to magnesium); group 7 (chlorine to iodine).

    Module 2 Introductory Organic Chemistry, Energetics, Kinetics Equilibrium and Applications
    Energetics (I), organic chemistry (I), (introduction, alkanes, alkanes, halogenoalkanes and alcohols); kinetics (I), chemical equilibria (I); industrial inorganic chemistry.

    Module 3 Laboratory Chemistry (I)
    Assessment of experimental skills (I) and laboratory chemistry.

    What skills get tested in module 3, and is organic chemistry all that difficult?


    (Original post by DazYa777)
    IF you're doing micky mouse subjects such as sociology and history, you'll probably find AS chemistry hard.
    How on earth can you call History a mickey mouse subject...it's one of the most respected subjects out there! It's also damned interesting at times - I'm tempted to take it....but I think doing two 'arts' subjects wouldn't look good if I was thinking of applying for Chemistry at university...

    As for Chemistry, I'm taking AS-level Chemistry next year too...it doesn't seem particularly difficult and its a good strong science subject because I think it acts as a bridge between Biology and Physics....so do Chemistry

    What skills get tested in module 3, and is organic chemistry all that difficult?


    well...im mod 3 of edexcel, its testing really, 'can you follow instructions accurately?' and producing similar results. The practical element isnt too bad because its stems of mainly gcse chem, and organic chem seems difficult atfirst because its totally new part of chem which you havent done in gcse, but its relatively simple. It follows a lot of logic...all those reactions, and once you know em, you can apply it to any variation of the question.
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