The most internationally mobile jobs which are attainable. What do you think?

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    Hi, I am actually from far away, studied a very general degree at Oxbridge, now thinking of specialised masters and leaving the UK for good in the context of Brexit.

    What are the most mobile international jobs, which are reasonably attainable? You could argue that something like neurosurgery is very international, but it is not really attainable for most people.

    By international I mean that whereever you go, you are in relative demand by the local job market and you don't really need to speak the local language to work for an international company etc.

    My opinion is as follows:

    Most mobile:

    1. IT & Telecom / Software Engineering / Programming etc - Java is what you need, not German or Spanish

    2. Physician / Nursing - The laws of Biology and Medicine are same everywhere

    3. Human Resources Management - You can operate in any English-speaking work environment in a major international firm with CIPD qualification

    4. Non-profit / NGOs - International foundations such as Soros Foundations in Hungary etc hire Westerners

    5. Architecture / Civil Engineering (and others) - laws of physics are fixed and you don't need to speak Arabic to engineer, plan and build huge projects in UAE or Russia

    Least mobile:

    1. Sales / brokage - You definitely need the local language the close the deals

    2. Law - For the reasons which are obvious, different jurisdictions, different bar entries, I know there is some degree of mobility in big firms like Allen & Overy with commercial international lw

    3. Marketing & PR - You need to know the local tastes, culture, markets and of course the language

    4. Recruitment consultancy (and other types of consultancy) - Again you need to communicate clearly and probably need contacts

    5. Banking (controversial) - This may actually surprise you. Though Worldwide banks hire and exchange their employees, for example plenty of British bankers are settled in Frankfurt, Zurich, Paris. However, you need the get hired first and then be asked to relocate and each vacancy is extremely competitive - the less quantitative or technological stuff you do, the more language you need. I know because I was an intern in Securities in Frankfurt and worked for BNY Mellon once between France and NYC once.
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    Please tell me your opinions on my post - What do you think are the most international [attainable] careers out there???

    hitman, prostitute, pooper scooper

    but yeah programming probably gives you the biggest mobility, this is highlighted by pajeets working for US firms from India, doing software dev
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    (Original post by glebp)
    hitman, prostitute, pooper scooper
    OMG TSR never changes - this was totally uncalled for you rep fisher

    Please state serious jobs and examples
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Updated: October 4, 2016
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