Studying techniques for a kinaesthetic learner?

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    Hey all,

    Yesterday I started my Level 6 Apprenticeship uni course.
    This is t your typical uni course. I'm doing it one day a week as part of my apprenticeship, but I do get a full degree at the end of it.

    Problem is, that it's all based online and everything is reading! Now I'm a kinaesthetic learner and this doesn't mix with me at all! I spent 8 hours staring at a screen yesterday not learning a damn thing!
    We have no tutors at all so that out of the question.
    Does anyone have any techniques to help me learn and pass through this course?

    So far I've seen to:

    Listen to music whilst working
    Work for short periods with short breaks in between
    Highlight what you're reading in a different colour to help concentration
    Colour grounding (using coloured paper on your desk to help with concentration)
    Holding a pen or something to fiddle with to keep the movement aspect alive
    Fidget a bit (but not to disturb others)
    Skim read blocks of text to get an overview whilst look at pictures and headings, then read the first and last paragraph to get a feel for it. Then delve into the block further.
    Make notes to keep busy

    Any of these actually work for you?
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    (Original post by FireFreezer77)
    Flash cards and working in short bursts have always worked for me.Everyones brains are different you won't know until you try and methods out
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    (Original post by claireestelle)
    Flash cards and working in short bursts have always worked for me.Everyones brains are different you won't know until you try and methods out
    Excellent thanks!
    I'll be sure to try out flash cards then!
    And yeah that's true, just gotta see what works best.
    Thanks again!
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Updated: October 5, 2016
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