Is social liberalism essentially over, or am I going to far ahead as of yet?

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    I'm French, certainly a social liberal, Oxbridge graduate. I have used TSR some years ago when applying to the UK but yeah it was an entirely different place back then. This topic could go under 'International', 'Philosophy', 'Current affairs' etc but I have decided that 'Society' would be most appropriate.

    My question is: would you go as far as agreeing with the statement that Social Liberalism is essentially over giving the:

    1) Trump phenomenon - if he wins then it is official

    2) Brexit and the growing English nationalism, essentially silencing the social liberalism of cosmopolitan Londoners and others

    3) Growing nationalism across the continent in the context of the refugee crisis

    4) Stripping Westerns citizens out of civil liberties in the context of terrorist attacks

    5) Increasing ex post facto law, dismantling the golden legal rule of our civilisation, namely the sacred Lex retro non agit = "the law does not operate retroactively"

    6) Increasing popularity of conspiracy theories, even between the middle class intelligentsia

    7) Intolerance towards foreigners, 'nationalisation' of the access to resources, example is the fear of EU students taking Finance jobs in the UK

    8) Outrageous profiling of minorities in the US

    9) Effectively a martial law in France and Benelux

    10) Recent elections in Austria, Poland, Germany and others.

    11) Rejecting of SJW message and social activism in general; possibly linked to wider masculinity crisis

    12) Mercantilist promises in economics

    I could go on.

    Social liberalism is, unfortunately, clearly declining. Is it a thing of the past, if not, when will it be? Is there anything we can do to remain open and socially liberal? What kind of era are we entering?
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Updated: October 5, 2016
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