Struggling on L3 BTEC in software development and IT - advice

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    So I began a level 3 BTEC course in software development and IT at my college about a month ago. For some reason I have been getting very little enjoyment out of it, even though I want to do well. Firstly, a lot of my phobias are centered around computing (such as what will happen if I type this dangerous command etc), although none of these are related to the course. I'm just finding the assignment descriptions a complete blur, with very little info on what we need to do in each task. I have so far missed one deadline, although the teacher simply warned me and gave me an extension. The language being used on the course is very confusing, too, although I don't speak the best English, despite being a native speaker. I have acted up about three times now, and they are threatening to suspend me if I do so again (I was never a troublemaker at school, BTW).

    I seem to be spending all my lessons thinking about creating fictional buildings, drawing my own comics, and thinking about road layouts. These are the main things that interest me.

    It's hard to change course at this stage, so what should I do to improve on the course and become motivated?

    Hi young man/lady (?!) - the key to IT and computer science is read/code/practice/practice/practice: you need to read [books, internet, whatever medium you prefer] then code (computer science) or practice features of software
    (IT), and gradually, slowly but surely, things will fall into place. You will know, that with computers, when something works, it gives you a great feeling of achievement, that helps to build further interest and motivation, and on and on and on ...................... what I call a positive "non-vicious circle". I am not conversant with your particular course structure, but if you need specific help with java, sql, Excel or Access, let me know.

    It also seems to me that you are a bit worked up about the whole thing: calm down, stop worrying and panicking [tell yourself calmly that this will only make things worse], take things in your stride: Remember what my dad taught me when I was a young lad/lass like you: "Though you tumble down boys, don't be downcast; try and try again, boys, and you will succeed at last!" (sorry not meant to be sexist, if you are a girl!).

    Go on, brace yourself: you can do it!

    Hope this is a slight help!
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    I'm just struggling with engaging. That's my main problem.

    Talk to your teacher and try to get clearer explanations of tasks. Try applying what you're learning to things you're interested in. Do programming outside of school. Talk to your teachers, it's what they're there for!
    Also, I know it doesn't help much, but typing in dangerous commands really isn't that bad, so long as you have good backups, because all decent kernels have built in failsafes for that sort of stuff. So eg. typing in rm -rf / won't brick your computer anymore.

    Try apps like SoloLearn and websites like Coding Academy, while experimenting with software like bootstrap etc. Coding is one of those things that you have to practise and I'm learning it myself and can tell you that at times its like jibberish.
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Updated: January 7, 2017
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