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    Hi, I am moving out of accommodation, however I need someone to take over from me. So - Lillian Penson Hall.

    Paddington station is literally round the back. The tube lines are District, Circle, Bakerloo, Hammersmith and City. If you want the Central line then the station Lancaster Gate is only a short walk away.

    Rent is roughly £200 a week - but food is included within that as the halls are catered. Breakfast and dinner on weekdays, brunch/lunch and dinner on weekends (there is also a mini kitchen on each floor with fridges and a microwave, no oven) Also my room is an ensuite and has a really nice view down onto Talbot Square. Decent size as well. All rooms have a kettle inside them.

    LPH is quite sociable - there is a bar and common room so most people tend to meet/chill there in the evenings. Great for finding people to predrink with. Also it's only a few mins from Hyde Park which is great for chilling with friends, but also refreshing for walks/runs by yourself. Recently someone has created a group/chat on facebook called LPH arts and culture or something like that, so I assume there will be group outings at some point if you are interested.

    There's also a TV room, study room, and laundry facilities.

    Thiink that's everything let me know if you have any questions.
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    bump - the person who said they'd take it over just turned it down after weeks and now I all the people I had on waiting list have found other places! Now I'm all moved out and rent is still due I am desperate here - if you take it I will literally help pay for a week or two bc ahh
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Updated: November 21, 2016
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