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    For all you 2017 applicants who have questions about our accommodation here at Loughborough, here are the most common FAQs answered in the drop downs below.

    There are a lot of answers on the University Accommodation webpages too, but feel free to ask here if you can't find what you need. Don’t forget – this is just a guide. The most up to date information is on our website, but this will give you a good idea of what to expect.

    Firm Offer Holders Applying for Accommodation

    If you make Loughborough your firm choice and apply for accommodation before the end of July, we will guarantee you a room in University hall accommodation (you’re not guaranteed your first choice of room, though.)

    From late May you will be able to register your request for University accommodation – you'll be emailed nearer the time with information about this. You will be able to apply for your room after your place has been confirmed (which is usually after exam results are released) - the process is all explained here.

    Insurance Offer Holders Applying for Accommodation

    Halls accommodation is not guaranteed, but we do promise to secure you University allocated accommodation either on campus or by referral to an off campus approved provider.

    What’s in the rooms

    Every room has:
    · a bed
    · storage
    · desk
    · chair
    · shelves
    · noticeboard
    · bin
    · free WiFi and wired internet access

    There are also the basics like curtains, carpets, lights, radiator and power sockets. Most halls also have launderette facilities, bike storage, common rooms with TV and vending machines. You can find more on what's provided here.

    Catered or self-catered – choosing a hall type

    7 of our halls are catered. Catered halls doesn’t necessarily mean that all of your meals are provided. There are some that offer 10 or 15 meals a week which cover Monday to Friday.

    If you wanted meals at weekends, you’d have to go for a catered hall that offered 19 meals per week. Cooking facilities in catered halls are limited, but they do normally have a kettle, microwave, fridge and toaster.

    Meal times are set, so if you’re not going to be around at lunchtime because of tutorials or lectures, you can order a packed lunch and collect it that morning. Take a look at our Why Go Catered video, it's quite useful whilst deciding on a hall.

    Self-catered halls
    Self-Catered halls gives you more flexibility in terms of when you eat. It does mean that you have to do all your cooking and shopping yourself!

    All self-catered halls have full cooking facilities including oven, hob, fridge, freezer, microwave, kettle and toaster.

    Room Options – what they mean

    There are various room options available – here’s what they all mean:

    · Without wash hand basin - bedroom only
    · Standard - bedroom with wash hand basin
    · Twin shared ensuite - shared bedroom with own bathroom
    · Shared ensuite - bedroom sharing bathroom access with one other person
    · En-suite - bedroom with own bathroom
    · Studio - bedroom with kitchenette and separate bathroom
    · Self contained flat - single or double, bedroom with separate kitchen and bathroom
    · Accessible – adapted bedroom for students with disabilities


    You can cross campus in 20-30 minutes on foot and it’s much quicker on a bike so it’s not always that crucial to choose halls next to your school/department.

    Near to engineering, science and the library, the only hall in this area is David Collett.

    Near arts, english and drama, design, students’ union and quite a few sports facilities. Some halls in East Park are just off campus

    This is in the middle of campus. One end is close to engineering, science and the library; the other end is near the main lecture halls of James France and the Edward Herbert Building (EHB).

    Near to James France lecture halls and Edward Herbert Building (EHB)

    A quick guide to each hall


    CayleyDavid ColletElvyn RichardsFaradayRoyceRutherfordTowersSELF-CATERED HALLS

    Butler CourtFalkner EggingtonHarry FrenchHazlerigg-RutlandRobert BakewellTelfordThe HoltWilliam Morris

    Extra Fees

    To secure your room, you have to pay a room bond (around £150). This is used as a security deposit.
    When you accept your room, you have to pay the room bond within 8 working days.

    You’ll also have to pay Hall subs when you arrive. These are anywhere between £45 and £100.

    You can find out how much it is for each hall by clicking the relevant hall and clicking on the ‘occupancy and costs’ tab.

    Each Hall sub is set by the hall committee and used to fund socials etc and it is compulsory.

    Private Accommodation

    The vast majority of 1st years stay in hall accommodation. However if it’s not something you want to do, there is help available for you to find suitable accommodation off campus.

    If any other questions come up regularly, we'll add them to this thread.

    Hope this answers the majority of your questions

    Vicky and Amy

    Hi. Could you tell me if this is the same process for unconditional offer holders (have taken my A levels and am taking a gap year). Thank you.
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    (Original post by buzz212)
    Hi. Could you tell me if this is the same process for unconditional offer holders (have taken my A levels and am taking a gap year). Thank you.
    Hi buzz212
    Congrats on your offer

    The process for you starts slightly earlier. If you have firmly accepted your unconditional offer, you'll be able to apply for University accommodation from mid-May, you'll receive an email from the Student Accommodation Centre from mid April telling you everything you need to know.

    Hope this helps and enjoy your gap year :cool:

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