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Year 12 Study Diary: Aiming for AAA (AS Levels). Watch

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    I've decided to do one of these study diary things, for self-motivation and its a goodway to track my progress. I love reading these kind of threads, so if you have an active blog please link it below!

    I'm currently in Year 12 studying: English Literature, Classical Civilisation, History
    and EPQ (But we start EPQ in December). I decided to do 3 instead of the usual 4 because I didn't want to add a random subject which I'd end up hating, plus I really like these subjects that I will be carrying them into Year 13. I feel like if you have the mindset of "I am going to drop this subject anyway" than the whole year will feel like a drag.

    My long-term goal is to study English (perhaps with Film/something else/or just pure Lit) at a good university. I think I will apply to: Cambridge, UCL, Kings, Durham and Exeter, but honestly it depends what I get in the summer of this year.

    My short-term goals are to focus on my Maths Resit next month. I got a C so I passed it, but I honestly know I am capable of achieving higher. Also, I have my mocks in January (after Xmas!!), and our predicted grades will come from this.

    I'm aiming for AAA in my mocks and AS exams this summer. Classics hasn't been reformed yet so this summer counts towards 50% of my final grade. I'm really looking forward to starting EPQ, because I have some great ideas on what I could do it on and it looks fun (if you don't leave it to the last minute!!).

    I will write summaries of what I achieved in school/at home on the day. We'll see how this goes.

    Thanks for reading
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    05/10/2016: Wednesday

    Today I had no school because I went to a Kings College Taster Course for English Language and Linguistics!

    I was kind of hesistant applying for this because it's English LANGUAGE and I am more of a LITERATURE person, plus I always found it a bit boring to be honest. But I was pleasantly suprised.

    We were given a talk about the course, why apply to Kings and the specifics of each module by three academics, one of them being the director of the English Language and Linguistics BA. We did an activity after a really interesting lecture on Forensic Linguistics (so for instance we looked at case studies of witness statements, seeing if they were manipulated by people and how to stop it). When we were feedbacking back, I made a point and wow, I was really suprised at how the lecturer praised me, he even kept going on about it during our short break! Honestly I didn't think my point was that good, but getting praise from a lecturer/researcher/specialist makes you feel great haha. A few students from Kings were extremely helpful in answering any questions we had about the university I never knew that as KCL student you are allowed to use UCL's library!!There were campus tours after, but I will have so many opporutnities to do that in depth later in the year so I missed that out.

    I really liked Kings College in general ( this has always been a place I knew I was going to apply to eventually despite maybe never even seeing the inside of it), probably my only con is that everything is really spaced out (the different departmants/accomadation) and I kind of prefer everything eing close together. That's a reason why I like Cambridge so much. Everythings really close together and you really get to know your colllege plus the May Balls look amazing. But I'm glad I decided to go to this taster day, NEVER MISS OPPORUTNITIES PEOPLE!!! I'm actually debating whether to do the English Language course. For sure, I will at least try and do a few Language/Linguistic modules if I end up doing English Lit.

    For some reason I'm always extremely tired once I get home from school/outside so this evening I kind of did nothing lol. I researched possible History revision resources/sorted out my files on the computer and did my English homework on how Fitzegerald introduces Gatsby into..you guessed it: The Great Gatsby!

    Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day, thinking of buying myself a Red Bull because I'm kind of always dead in some lessons.

    Thanks for reading Au revouir.

    PS: If anyone is wondering (About King's taster programmes), you have to subscribe to an email (Can't remember search it up) and they will email you abouut these sort of things. For instance I applied last week and a week later is when the course was! They don't ask you for any qualitifications by the way (GCSEs etc..).
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    Sorry for not updating! I have written all my posts from Wednesday to Monday, but couldn't upload them because of extremely slow internet. I will update now!
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