Imperial college? Do i stand any chance?

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    Hi there, I am studying lvl 3 BTEC Extended diploma in Applied science. What are the odds of being accepted onto the MSci Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry and a Year in Industry at Imperial college. FYI, I am predicted all 3D*. My main question is what else could I do to set myself apart and maybe given consideration (I haven't called up uni yet but they do accept btec lvl3 ext dip). Most of you are probably thinking that I know nothing because I'm doing a BTEC. Let me tell you something I know pretty much everything you guys study too at alevel as well. I have a lot of friends who are at A2 chemistry predicted As and I can guarantee you they hardly know how to set up a redox experiment by themselves and do a lab report style after,without practise and instruction. Maybe not all bio, but there's a unit of biochemistry I am studying. I think its unfair to have a mentality and generalise the that a level students have better priority and potential over btec students that are doing my course . Our lecturer has a PhD in chemistry, he inspires us and is very passionate about his profession, he tells us anything is possible with hard work and passion. I bet you some/most try hard A2 chem students will not be able to identify and name a isomer of an organic compound*. Or even tell me what makes an acid acidic**(I laugh when I do this, very entertaining listening to the responses I get XD) ,
    but before we get into a never ending debate about whether btec applied science is the same level a Alevel standard, lets get back to my main question. I really want to study at imperial college, I think that maybe, just maybe I could get in. maybe its too late to get more work experience or friggin join mensa, but never say never.

    *(H+ ion obviously)
    **(for example a haloalkene like 2-Bromo-9,9-dimethylfluorene.try drawing that ****)

    You first need to check entry requirements and work out if you can meet them. Don't worry about what others think of your current qualifications. It's what the uni thinks that matters and they're well aware of what your course covers.

    (Original post by JellyfishThunder)
    You BTECers are rather cute😊. Especially when you get enraged and try so desperately to prove that you are better than ALevel'ers. ALevels are more prestigious for a reason. So, please deflate your ego a little
    pretty sure it should be Alevel'ers needing their ego deflated............

    (Original post by bubblegumcat)
    pretty sure it should be Alevel'ers needing their ego deflated............
    Perhaps some of us do. I certainly don't, as I personally respect any sort of educational system. However, the fact that students of one qualification behave disrespectfully towards the other, doesn't give anyone the rights to be disrespectful back at them. I sincerely hope I don't anger anyone, cuz you know, peace and love
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Updated: October 19, 2016
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