I saw an escort. Now what?

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    I feel very guilty and ashamed. I used protection but I will still get a test done anyway.

    It's more the void that I had, and seeing the escort just increased that void.

    It wasn't that pleasurable of an experience and was just a waste.

    Why can't you "get some" the normal way?

    you are going to hell lol

    Now nothing. Just continue with your life as normal.

    Lol going for a std check is a bit ott


    It seems like you are feeling pretty hollow. Don't know your situation but I promise you you're not alone. I am making the assumption that you are a heterosexual male but the response would basically be the same regardless. Don't know if you just had a physical need minus a girlfriend or if you desire a personal connection and don't have a girlfriend.....or worst of all you felt a physical need or emotional connection and you do have a gf/spouse. Maybe you were just curious and experimenting. You aren't the first one to go to an escort, obviously as it is one of the oldest 'professions', but you are finding yourself with post escort regret. So, now what? Only you know your reasoning and that makes the difference for the.... what now. If you don't want to repeat this experience you need to self analyze why you went in the first place. If you were just curious then brush it off, reassure yourself by getting tested and continue with your life. As long as you test negative you don't need to tell a future relationship about this one time visit. If you had a physical need and are feeling remorseful about visiting you're going to need to come up with a more satisfactory form of release. Better to go it alone then have regret. Finally, if you are looking for a personal connection it was never about sex in the first place. I'd suggest to get more involved with people through societies in you're at uni, or through volunteerism and, yes, even get involved in a religious affiliation of your choice. I personally have found that when I volunteer, helping those in need, it fills my heart and gives me joy even though the underprivileged are the ones officially being served. Volunteering and religion (in a positive atmosphere) can fill holes in a heart. Well, that is my opinion anyway.
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Updated: October 6, 2016
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