Are top postgraduate programmes just taking anyone in because they want your money?

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    Within the next couple of years, I would like to do an MBA programme at Stanford in the US (focused on high tech).

    As I was browsing through all of the Oxbridge MPhils (including prestigious MPhils like Engineering, Land Economy, Economics) I was trying to figure out how competitive they may actually be. After all, the majority of graduates get a 2:1, and a lot get first.

    Then I thought - well, what about all of the other postgrad programmes at all of the other institutions - in the UK and abroad. Are many of the prestigious institutions accepting anyone-who-can-afford onto their postgraduate programmes? To what extent can they really benefit the students on the job market?

    I'd be less worried about prestige and more worried about whether the course gives you what you want from it. Unis may make money off these courses (but not really) but we still have academic standards to maintain so don't just take anyone.

    We also got to remember that the costs of hiring top professors for these schools are incredibly high too: in the end, I also don't think they are making tones of money out of it.

    But it is true that lately it also seems to me that their courses is made for who can afford it regardless of a stellar academic background or not.

    Honestly? The system has pros and cons. I like the idea that even if you may have failed here and there in your undergrad, but if you show a well-rounded application, such as a good motivation, clear objectives and a relevant experience, you can still have a chance to go and learn with the best. I think money at this point should not be a problem anyway - there are plenty of loans available and if you really take the best of what the uni can offer, I don't see why you would not be able to pay back the loan in the near future...
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Updated: October 7, 2016
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