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    Hi all! I'm hoping to start university next year and studying law (I only have four choices ATM - Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and Lincoln) however, I was just wondering on people's thoughts if want a studio flat? Have you still been able to make friends?

    Only reason why I ask is because I am not sure if I want to do student accommodation sharing. I am 23 now and do enjoy my own space, I went to uni before and dropped out and when I look back now, I had some good memories with my flat mates but the cleanliness was an issue and I know some people have had issues with food stealing.

    However, at the same I don't want to isolate myself if get a studio flat if that makes sense? What would you think would be the best option?

    Advice much appreciated.

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    Friends come and go. You're much better off in a studio. Makes life so much simpler. However you do go a bit stir crazy so make sure you join some societies or sporting groups.

    personally I think studios aren't worth the money and I would find it very isolating...

    a compromise might be living in private halls (you could request a room with older students) or a house/flat share? older people tend to be a bit better house trained than 18 year old freshers
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Updated: October 6, 2016
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