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    Your personal statement is neither here nor there, but you can certainly get an interview if you do well in the LNAT.

    (Original post by s-e)
    I am applying to Oxford to study Law, however I am slightly concerned about my grades in general and whether they will negatively impact my application:

    I obtained 7 A*s and 4 As in my GCSEs and I am aware that many applicants will have 10 or more A*s. In my AS levels, I achieved AAA in Spanish, Government and Politics and Geography (I also took Maths and got a B but dropped it to focus on my other subjects). I am predicted AAA, which are only the minimum entry requirements for Law (my school is harsh with predictions and is unwilling to predict me any A*s ), so would this put me at a disadvantage against other applicants who have been predicted higher? I have heard that as long as you have the minimum predictions required for entry, it is fine, though I am not sure whether this is the case.

    I am wondering if my overall profile is weak and if I would be unlikely to be considered for interview, or if I still have a chance if I do well in the LNAT and have a strong personal statement.

    Thank you.
    Hey, I'm in a similar position as you I achieved 6 A*'s and 5A's at GCSE and got AAAB at A level. I'm predicted 3 A's
    (my school is also harsh with predictions) and am also planning to apply for Law at Oxford
    But I would advise you to apply and just "go for it" , its only 1/5 unis and plus Oxford will look at your application as a whole including the LNAT and ps

    Oxford are aware that schools have different policies about predicting A*s and you won't be disadvantaged by your predicted grades. If you get a strong LNAT score then you'll have a good chance at getting an interview. Your GCSEs aren't great by Oxford standard but they aren't particularly poor either so try not to stress over it.

    Your personal statement matters very little (as long as it's not full of grammatical errors), focus on the LNAT.
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Updated: October 6, 2016
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