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I'm tired of having no job, what do I do? Watch

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    (Original post by Namod)
    Hello my friends,

    I studied electrical and electronic engineering at a highly ranked university.
    I graduated in august but I have been applying since February to get a job but still haven't found one. I received a first but I believe my problem is that I don't have any experience in engineering. I haven't done any internships because I couldn't get any. I have applied for probably 200+ jobs.

    I have tried everything (networking, job agencies,...). I even tried applying to other roles such as finance and I.T. But nothing. I applied everywhere in uk but nothing. I am even trying to apply to apprenticeships right now.

    I have no idea what to do anymore. Please help. Please save me.
    I have been at home for months now doing nothing.
    You have a first class degree from a high ranked university and you cnat get a job?

    How many interviews have you had?

    Most likely your job hunting skills are going wrong.

    1. Searching in the rught area and being to rrestrictive.
    2. Written applications not good enough.
    3. Interview skills not good enough.

    If your problem is no experience, then get some. Voluntary work is a start.
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    (Original post by Namod)
    I would like to THANK YOU for the reply.

    I would say 20 out of the 200 invited me for interview. To be honest even if I do good in the interview or not, there will still go back and compare the experience...

    Tried looking for voluntary work too but I can't find any voluntary work in electrical engineering. I can do voluntary work in another field but I don't think it will be useful.
    Ive just spent ages answering other posts and wnat to relax for the evening so im brief and to the point.

    20 interviews, then you should have converted some of those. I would think at least 3, so its obvious your interview technique needs work on.

    Get feedback.

    They dont invite you for interview, unless you have potential to do the job. They know how much experience you have so you cant play the no experience card all the time.

    Some voluntary work is better than none.

    Create your own work shadowing or electronic engineering opportunities by researchinga nd approaching relevant companies.
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    (Original post by Namod)
    In the interview rejections, they say stuff like "Unfortunately, we aren't able to accept you because we had many applicants." "We can't give you feedback at this stage".

    I will try to search for voluntary work again.
    They obvipusly accepted someone. You have to work out what they did which impressed the interviewer more than you. Go to your careers adviser and do a mock interview, then get feedback.

    Its simply logic to identify where the sticking point is. I would put money on it, its not solely down to lack of experience otherwise they wouldnt invite you for interview.
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    What level of jobs are you going for? If you're a graduate, you generally go for graduate/junior/entry level jobs. For these jobs you don't generally need a whole lot of experience, but you do need to be able to sell the skills and experience you have.

    So you can continue to apply for engineering jobs which you are not getting or you can widen your scope.

    Perhaps try volunteering with a Credit Union - you will have the mathematical skills they need and you will have something to out on your applications that shows you've not been idle. This is really important as, as time goes on you need to show you have had some initiative.

    Another ploy is to apply to a good employer but not for full time permanent jobs for which there will be a ,lot of competition.

    Try eg, a clerical job at a University - or a job covering for a maternity leave or for 2, 3 .4 days a week. Not ideal but it gets your foot in the door and when other jobs come up you will be an internal candidate with preference over external candidates. Also there will be lots of opportunities for further training- maybe eg in accountancy eg., or you may be able to move into a job which matches your training better. - admin work in the Engineering Faculty or actual engineering work . Once they know you and what your qualifications are you may even be head hunted within the organisation.
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