Applying for Vet Med 2017? Remember To Complete Work Experience Forms!

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    Every year people get rejected from vet school for failing to complete the work experience forms for different universities. These are completed and submitted entirely separate to the UCAS form, however your application is not complete until they are done.

    These forms are mentioned in prospectuses, at open days, and on the vet school websites, so there really is no excuse for not getting them filled out. Don't be one of the people who gets rejected for simply not checking a website!

    For your convenience:

    RVC: Online 'Applicant Work Experience Form' to be submitted by Saturday 15th October.
    Edinburgh: Online 'Work Experience Summary' to be submitted by Saturday 22nd October.
    Liverpool: Online 'Work Experience Questionnaire' to be submitted by Thursday 20th October.
    Nottingham: Work experience questionnaire given out by the university, by email or letter, 1-2 weeks after application submitted.
    Bristol: Form sent out upon invitation to interview, previously between October and March.
    Surrey: Form sent out after applications submitted
    Glasgow: Work experience form sent out by the university upon invitation to interview, between November and March.
    Cambridge: TBC

    It is still entirely your responsibility to check the university websites and prospectuses for details of the application process. No responsibility is accepted for the above information being incorrect.

    Thanks to Nox1 and Adam the vet for helping to keep this information up to date.

    Made into a thread because people kept missing the announcement

    Just to let you know that liverpools form is in for a the 20th not the 22nd
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Updated: October 9, 2016
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