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Bad Knee - Anyone Anything Similar? Watch

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    To cut a long story short, in around October 2014 I was at a party, my left knee went bang and I fell. I then can remember my lower leg hanging there and having to be carried to sit down as I couldn't walk.

    Mum being mum told me it was nothing, to walk on it and it would be fine. For 2 weeks I struggled to walk, then it seemed to be getting better.

    For a year, my knee seemed to get sore or stiff in cold weather or if I sat down for ages, and when I was horse riding it was bad if I did lots of work in short stirrups, but I assumed it was just stiff/nothing too serious.

    December 2015 I decided to try and get fit and healthy and go for a run. 5 minutes in, my knee started hurting, and about 10 minutes in I couldn't put any weight on my left leg. Since then, my knee will crack loudly enough that it sounds like something has fallen from a table onto the floor. It can get very very painful at random and have a very dull ache as well.

    I had x-rays done last year and there's no joint problems, and saw a knee specialist privately who on initial examination suspected a meniscal tear as I have one spot that is extremely painful. The MRI came back as fine, with some minor cartilage damage and wear, but no actual tear and recommended physio.

    I've been seeing a physio for about 5 months-ish? I've been able to start riding my horse again in the past 4 months, and it's not 100% pain free but it's much better. Still have problems with short stirrups, and I do still get that dull ache as well as sharp pains. My knee still cracks. It can be very, very painful at times and it's better in warm weather, although sometimes it can still be very painful when it is warm. I've also noticed when I ride, there's definitely less mobility in my left leg/knee and that as I've put on weight due to various things, where I've started to lose it, my left leg is a different shape. It will randomly swell as well.

    I was thrown through the wing/wooden stand of a jump at the start of August, and my horse stood on the inside of my bad knee. I had a massive hoof shaped hematoma, but no broken bones as I went to minor injuries to get it x-rayed. I still have a lump and a grey bruise in the shape of a hoof, and the inside of my knee seems to be much more painful (the outside underneath the knee cap is the normal spot) and I'm very achey to the point it's a constant dull pain, and the other day I was going through a revolving door and it felt as if something went click.

    Physio has said that what's wrong with it is that essentially the knee cap doesn't move in the groove it's meant too, but I have some really sore spots in my knee. I've been told it's pointless to redo the MRI, and that explorative surgery wouldn't be worth it, but I've noticed if I don't see my physio at least every week, it gets worse. I still can't run, and at times walking and even sitting down can cause at least discomfort

    Does anyone have anything similar, and how do you manage/cope with it?
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    (Original post by remarius)
    Sorry for the late reply! I can't help much on this specifically but I do get a lot of pain from other conditions and it can be awful. Just compounds everything and make things seem so much worse. Can you talk to your physiotherapist about things you can do between sessions that ease the pain then?

    It might also be worth keeping a rough diary of what you've done/how pain levels have been to see if you can identify what makes it worse- both in terms of working out how you might be able to avoid these things, and possibly also in helping diagnosis/treatment if they can think about what's causing it. Worth a thought anyway! It might not work so well for a specific injury but chronic conditions it's often suggested at least and I guess could translate. Hopefully someone else will reply who knows more about it anyway
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