Can I study medicine?

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    i got mainly b's at GCSE but I'm predicted AAA in chemistry, Biology and Maths at a level. am i able to study medicine or not?

    You wouldn't really stand out that much, but it's always worth trying! I would apply for UEA to read Medicine however as they tend to be not that overly over subscribed unlike Bristol or UCL, I'd apply for Biomedical science just in case too, if you dont get accepted for Medicine as you can always then transfer onto medicine when you graduate Don't forget that you need a lot of work experience and you need to pass BMAT /UCKAT depending to where you are applying

    GCSEs are not as important as it feels like they are. You say you got mostly Bs, if you have some As, preferably in science that should be enough for a lot of places - Even if not, you still have options.

    You'll need to avoid the notoriously GCSE heavy places, e.g. Brum, Cardiff, Edinburgh etc. but A-Levels are much more important, as well as the UKCAT, your work experience etc.

    The above post makes it sound like transfers to medicine are guaranteed from biomed, which is not true. Courses that allow this are quite rare, and there will be stiff competition for the few transfers that are available. I'd recommend on getting the best A-Level grades, doing well on the entrance tests and apply to your strengths using the GCSE requirements as a guide.
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Updated: October 7, 2016
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