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My few questions about a doctor's career concerning the salary and research possibli Watch

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    I'm an high school student and am set on medicine. I will most likely apply to UK and aim for the top uni's (Oxbridge, UCL, Imperial, Newcastle(at least i heard its one of the top medical schools in uk atm), etc ..). I had my eye set on US(especially due to salaries), but the university fees are too damn high

    I'm aware that i currently in high school and way too young to worry about a matter like this, but I like to know things beforehand whether they will apply to my life or not. I'm also aware that the world of medicine and healthcare is evolving and changing rapidly, so the current situation may not be the same when I might enter practice. However, I would still like to ask these questions(sorry for lengthy intro):

    These questions are mostly focused on the situation in the UK, but other answers are welcome !

    What kind of salary do Medical Grads earn after graduation med school(foundation years and when actually entering practice)? Also, what is the difference between public and private sector, especially in hospitals?

    I would most likely want to work in an hospital in surgery/emergency medicine/anaesthesiology or as an cardiologist/oncologist. I'm most interested in the three former specialties(currently biggest desire in surgery) rather than the two latter ones.

    I would also like to know if it's possible to do research alongside being a practicing physician. If yes, then to what extent?

    Is it possible to move to US after graduating in medicine in the UK, and get into an prestigious residency programme?

    Thank you in advance for taking your time to answer these lengthy questions
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    Does this help?

    I'm a high school student too (not from the US though) so I don't know much about it but I heard that if you finish med school outside the US and then you want to be a doctor there then you have to go through special examinations which are really tough (I forgot what they are called).

    I think you can do research but I don't kow if there is a certain extent, I think it depends on the speciality and experience you have in the field.

    Also, if I were you I wouldn't apply only to top UK universities which have very similar entry requirements. Out of the 4 you can apply to, I'd choose atleast 1 which isn't a top one just incase something unexpected happens. Like it doesn´t matter if you always get top grades in everything, you still have to be careful.
    An example would be my brother whose average was a 100% when he finished school, is incredibly intelligent. he even wrote a short book about Quantum Physics when he was just 13 and still didn´t pass the interview for physics at Cambridge.

    That's all I can pretty much say, hope I helped!
    Btw, just out of curiosity, are you from the US?
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Updated: October 8, 2016
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