Am I doing enough hours of work a week?

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    I am a first year geography student, I have between 10-12 contact hours a week, and I am to do about 26 hours spread out over the seven days. The amount of independent hours I do is dependent on what and when I have lectures. I go home on Fridays (no lectures) for the weekend and come back Monday morning as I don't live far and I actually hate being in halls. I plan to do about 8 hours over the weekend period Friday-Sunday (maybe more if not doing much), leaving 16 hours of independent work, between Monday and Thursday. I'm not exactly sociable, so I don't go out much, leaving most of the weekday evenings to work. I normally would do so until about 8, when I would catch up on Once Upon a time or do some colouring. Is this enough, my work consists of reading, rewriting notes made and set essays and coursework?

    That sounds like enough, if not maybe too much.

    Does it FEEL like too much? Are you overwhelmed? If not, then don't worry about it.
    After you've done a few essays and tests, see if you're performing to your desired standard of results. You will know then whether your amount of studying is "enough" for you. If you do nothing but study constantly you'll just burn yourself out, which will have a negative effect on your grades and your well-being overall.

    Keep in mind that what is "enough" work/study for one person is "too little" for another, and "WAY too much" for the person beside them. It is personal and only you can decide what is "enough" for you. Make sure you round out your life with other things besides school reading and television, even if it's just a weekly walk or a book that has nothing to do with school.
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Updated: October 8, 2016
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