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    Heard a mixture of opinions about teaching quality and student life

    What are your predicteds?


    I am a second year International Management student here at the University of Bath. Although I can not comment specifically on the economics course, I live with an economist who is very much enjoying his time here.

    Student life in general is great at Bath! As a World Heritage Site, Bath is a very special place to spend your time while studying. In your first year most students will decide to live on campus in close proximity to lecture facilities. This is incredibly convenient for your studies, as well as socially. The smaller campus environment gives you a chance to meet so many people easily. It was rare that I would walk to lectures without bumping into somebody that I knew. Frequent club nights are also held up on campus, which again gives you a convenient but safe environment to enjoy yourself.

    If you would like to go to the City Centre, there are regular busses that can bring you to the centre in as little as ten minutes. There is a 24 hour service so that you are free to leave campus at any time. There is so much to do in Bath in the day time also, check out our Leap List of things to do before you leave.

    In terms of teaching, the league tables speak for themselves from a quality of research and student satisfaction perspective. As an International Management student, I very much believe that the quality of teaching here at Bath is outstanding. In the last academic year many of my lecturers knew me by name, which I believe I would have struggled to find at other universities. In addition feedback has always been constructive, with opportunities to meet with your lecturers one to one outside of class.

    I hope that this gives you a bit more of an idea about what it is like to be a student at the University of Bath. If there is anything else that I can help you with then please let me know!


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    Heard a mixture of opinions about teaching quality and student life
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Updated: October 20, 2016
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