High UKCAT, degree, bad A levels/gcse

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    Hi Guys,

    I am putting together a last minute medicine application but I'm feeling a bit overloaded with decision making in terms of my choices and I would really appreciate some help! I tried posting in the big thread but didn't get a reply.

    So I have a 1st class degree in Marine Biology and an average UKCAT section score of 773 (700 VR, 890 QR, 730 AR). However my A levels are ABB (Bio, Chem, Law) and my GCSEs are 4A* 2A loads of Bs.

    I've read conflicting information about importance of GCSEs/A levels when applying with a degree. Any reccomendations for Unis that would favour my results would be really appreciated.

    Also can I apply for 4x 5 Year standard medicine 1x 4 Year short course or is it 4x medicine of any kind total?

    Thank you for any information, I'm very grateful

    I'm not 100% but i though that they don't matter for GEM. Check the requirements or email admissions tutors for a better answer.

    Definitely apply to UKCAT heavy uni's, but i doubt you'll be able to apply for undegraduate medicine with ABB
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    I was planning to apply for undergraduate because I think my chemistry and non ecological biology might be a bit shaky and I would rather do the first year. I mean if I have no chance because of my A levels for undergraduate entry then I won't and will self learn it. I was kind of hoping they would wave my bad previous marks because I had a degree
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Updated: October 6, 2016
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