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Should I try to meet up with this girl? Watch

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    For a long time now I've had a massive crush on my friend's sister. I've told him this and not only was he cool about it but he even gave me tips on what I should do next in order to try and start things up with her.

    She's a year below me, and I started fancying her in Year 10 at school, and now I'm in my 2nd year at uni, so this is a period of 5 years. I never made any sort of move because I was basically too scared to do anything at the time which looking back at, I regret.

    Over that time, she'd shown on and off signs that maybe she was interested in me too. I wrote this up in much more detail online somewhere and the responses were all fairly similar, being that they reckoned she actually could've liked me back at school but it was debatable if she still did or not now, whether she'd moved on and I'd missed my chance, or not.

    The last time I saw her was at a party a few weeks ago, before I went back. Before then we'd only ever briefly messaged on Facebook or spoken very briefly in person. All feelings aside, we respected each other and seemed to get on but we never got to a stage where we were good friends. But for some reason at this party she treated me like that. She hugged me and talked to me properly and later asked me to dance with her and her friend.

    Well now I'm in 2nd year at uni as mentioned before, and she herself has started uni as well, except hers is about 100 miles away from mine. I know I've left it a while, but after what happened at the party I've been seriously thinking about meeting up with her to see how it goes. My problem though is that I would have to message her on Facebook to ask if she'd be interested in meeting up with me, and if she says yes I would then most likely have to travel down to her.

    I'm happy to do all this in principle, but I only worry how it would look for her? In addition to that, making the effort to travel all that way just to see her. I don't know if this would look a bit weird or desperate to her, on my part? At the same time, I know that if I don't try, I'll never get anywhere with her. I certainly wouldn't want to lose the chance if it's still there.

    I know that it's ultimately up to me what I do, but can you give me any advice as to what you think I should do given the circumstances? Thanks!

    I think you should send her a fb message or whats app and start up a chat first. It might, indeed, seem weird to her if you all of a sudden, out of the blue, ask to go meet up with her. Is it possible your friend said something on your behalf and that explains why she was perhaps friendlier than previous encounters with her. If you don't think he has spoken to her then just contact her and ask how uni is going for her. If she's already interested she will definitely chat w/ you. If the chat goes well over the course of several (or more) days then say that y'all aren't really too far apart and perhaps should meet up. Or come up with a reason why you would just 'happen' to be in her town and are wondering if she'd be available to meet up with you. I hope it works out the way you hope it will. Good Luck!
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Updated: October 7, 2016
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