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    Im an A level (cie) student who is currently sitting for my AS and will soon sit for A2 next may/june. I'm currently taking econs,law,psychology in my college and maths as a private candidate. Before I proceed, I wanna clarify that I will be applying for uni(for law) with my full A level results instead of predicted grades as I intend to take a gap year.

    However, this is my current situation:I just sat for AS law paper 1 and I honestly think I will not be able to manage an A because I only managed to complete 2 essay questions out of 3 questions (have to do 3 essay questions out of 6 in 90 mins bruhh how)Since Im doing 3 subjects in my college , they have a policy where we have to sign up for 3 subjects no matter the circumstancr However, my situation is different , I will be sitting for my AS & A2 maths altogether next May/June so even if I do drop a subject in college , I still have 3 subjects but once again, the college policy is stopping me from doing so.

    So may I know how should I approach this problem ?1) Resit for law next year (meaning I have to do law paper 1,2,3,4 altogether)2)Quit college, and carry forward my econs mark (which Im confident of getting an A for my AS) and sit for econs A2, maths AS&A2 (I almost finish studying these 2 subjects already) and take up History (I wanna do this subject real bad but no college here offers it, I will prob find a tutor)3)Screw it and just try to aim a B for law and achieve 3A* for the rest (maths,econs,psychology). Will uni's even look badly at that B since they only look at 3 subjects.

    Thank you

    The B won't matter too much if you have A*s in good essay based subjects like Econ and Psych and a good traditional subject like Maths.
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Updated: October 10, 2016
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