Falling in love with girls on the street. Despair over missed opp

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    I am a shy guy and my despair lies in that I fall in love instantly with cute girls that I see on the bus,street, mall and because i'm shy I don't have the courage to hit on them and I immediately feel a feeling of missed opportunity, like I have missed the love of my life.
    Like I have missed my future wife.
    It happens to me almost every day , that I see such a girl that I want to be with.
    It brings me to despair .

    have a set of "business cards" printed with your contact details and some witty banter. hand them to suitable candidates with a smile.

    First of all, learn the difference between love and finding someone attractive.

    Second, I don't think girls would appreciate being hit on when they are busy/going somewhere anyway. You'd probably get ignored or turned down if you tried in those situations so you don't actually miss out on anything.

    Seriously though, the whole "love at first sight with every girl you see" thing makes me think you've never met a girl at all, not even been friends with one. Work on that first.
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Updated: October 7, 2016
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