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    (Original post by SeanCasey36)
    Can anybody help with my computing coursework, I have completed task 1 and 2 already however I now need to do task 3. And the description for task 3 is confusing, so much that nobody else in my class understands it
    Hi, I can think of a number of different ways of solving this with varying complexity. (From a simple Java application which will just run in memory to a full front end web interface with a Database for item stocks) As it looks like a school project i'm not sure how complex you would like the solution to be.

    From my understanding the task is asking you to create a program that calculates remaining stock of an item and can work out when requested to order more of that item.

    You will probably need to implement something that creates a purchase order of items to remove them from the stock and a different re-stock order that restocks items below the threshold. To make these calculations you will probably need to have a max stock level and a threshold stock level that will trigger an item to be restocked if it goes below that.

    Let me know how you want to proceed with the task and if there is anything I have missed and ill be happy to help.

    Given this is a piece of GCSE coursework, being given a full solution online is only going to cause you to lose lots of marks as you wont be able to document your thought processes the analysis, design and development sections that went towards solving the problem set. If you haven't got that in place it is unlikely that you will have a set of success criteria so any testing and ultimately evaluation has nothing to refer back to to show your solution is in fact successful.

    But I will offer you this advice about task 3. The first line talks about the stock file, this is something you will have created in task 2, so the direction here is to add to each item in your original file with the extra values that it suggests. Once you have done this, use one of your tests from task 2 when you made an order, and BY HAND and ON PAPER (or electronically as you type this us) show what you are doing to manually update your stock file. Once the order is placed, can you see any product lines that are either in need of reordering, or at worse into negative stock levels (this is a good test of extreme data that I would expect to see in a candidates documentation and that their solution prevents negative stock levels being maintained). Of these lines of code, what should happen to them, and how many of each do you need?

    Once you have solved all this by hand, you are now in a place to begin to create a flow chart of an algorithm (and perhaps pseudo code too)that will then lead to your own solution that you need to code. This is where you then pick up all the development marks that show your solution coming into existence small steps at a time rather than Boom here is my coded solution, lets test it!

    Please note that this is part of a CONTROLLED ASSESSMENT for GCSE.

    Replying, or use of replies on this thread could constitute a malpractice case and discredit of any work submitted.

    This thread is being investigated by OCR Examinations and is being followed.

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