Can I get A* by doing this method of revision? (my own method)

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    1) Read the spec of all subjects and make flashcards and notes covering ALL the things in it
    2) After finishing revision of each unit/topic, do past papers under exam conditions, mark it and see why I did mistakes
    3) Cycle repeated

    (Original post by ShiawaseNekox3)
    1) Read the spec of all subjects and make flashcards and notes covering ALL the things in it
    2) After finishing revision of each unit/topic, do past papers under exam conditions, mark it and see why I did mistakes
    3) Cycle repeated
    depends on the subject (like there's no point in doing notes for maths, just skip to step two)
    in general yes, but maybe start making notes/flashcards (don't need to do both) around now in time for mocks and save the past papers for the real exams
    if you're in year ten still then it's much too early to do anything, although it'd be good to go over your notes every weekend to make sure you understand everything

    lmao how is this your own method, that's just the general method of how you revise.

    I agree dont wast your time making notes for maths unless you dont get something, then watch yt videos.
    You could make very basic notes of formulas and how to answer questions.

    But exam paprs are key

    I didnt do exam papers and only learnt a few formulas etc and came with an A only.

    If your in year 10 then just worry about getting your couseworks up to the highest grades possible(mostly english) cuz they will screw you over in year 11, you'll understand when you get to the end of year 11.

    Also if you do languages then I recommend learning themin year 10 + complete courseworks to High A*'s because they tak a lot of time and revising it is not as easy as revising for sciences in year 11.(e.g. I was at a D- at the begining of the year, managed to push all my coursework to A*'s (IDK how lol) but I still failed th exam with E's but my coursewok pushed it up to a high B - so Make sure you do good in the coursework and ask your teachers what grade you got cuz they sometimes dont tell you so you cant retake it( e.g. you could be doing crap and not knowing about it - happens alot in english).

    You only need cgp books for sciences + use this website for physics resources e.g. for convection currents (cuz the book was crap at explaining them IMO) + actaully make some notes on the first few pages e.g about how to do experiments and the names of graphs and why they are set like they are - cuz the biology exam actaully asked questions about it in the 2016 paper!

    Dont do history unless your really good at it and good at english+ have a good teacher that knows how to mark coursework properly (I got A's in the exam but my coursework was marked at a low B ) - I would say the same for english but its compulsory, sadly. But lean grammar and how to structure paragaphs and before the exam make sure your timing is perfect - cuz time will screw you over in the exam.

    Try making notes/flashcards. Then after a few weeks of learning it, condense the notes into shorter notes with only the important bits on new flashcards.

    Try getting a plain sheet of paper/whiteboard and writting everything you know in detail about a topic without textbook - for sciences but you could try with quotes for eng lit.
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