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    How much work is a Level 3 EPQ?

    (Original post by JessieCads)
    How much work is a Level 3 EPQ?
    Hi there!
    I have just finished my EPQ, and to be perfectly honest with you it was quite a bit of work. It is equivalent to half an A Level, so you need to put in the work that you would if you were doing half an A Level. Having said that, getting a good grade is perfectly achievable Some of my tips would be:

    1. Really think about what you want to do, and have a detailed plan from the beginning. You will thank yourself for this later.

    2. Good time management is key. Try your hardest not to procrastinate and keep to your plan as much as possible (create new plans as you go along if necessary), it will save you so much trouble later on.

    3. When you create your plan, factor in some time at the end, before your deadline, just in case you run into problems, whether they be technical or because you're slightly behind on your plan or whatever. I so wish I'd done this, it would have been a lifesaver.

    4. Do your research and analysis thoroughly. EPQ is all about showing your process and showing you understand what you're doing, and the more evidence you give of that the better.

    5. Pick something you're really interested in. This, in my opinion, is the most important one. At my college the EPQ is compulsory, and so many people I know didn't think hard enough about what they wanted to do and ended up completing projects that they hated doing. If you pick something that really enthuses you, you'll have a great time doing EPQ. You have free choice over what your topic is, make it something you know you're going to enjoy working really hard on. Good luck!

    A very different point of view: I did an EPQ with hopes of it going in for level 3, but because of how much class time I had (1 hour per week) it wasn't allowed to go in by Edexcel's guidelines for a level 3, and therefore it was put in for a level 2. Level 2 is essentially the same, MINUS the presentation, it's just the paper project itself. I managed to get full marks (A*) in the project itself, and I'll tell you it really wasn't like doing an extra A Level as some people say. It took me a few months at 1 hour / week to get all the planning forms you must complete filled in (very tedious) but the project itself took me a few weeks, and then I powered through and completed it within the Christmas holidays in about 10 hours. My project was around 100 pages or so long, and it was something I was passionate about and interested in. If you choose something you're interested in it'll be fine - it is work, it is alot of typing up, but it isn't as stressful as an A Level (or even a GCSE - infact I felt no EPQ-related stress whatsoever)
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