Will my application be good enough for primary education?

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    I'm applying for degrees in primary education with QTS, and most of my chosen unis require BBB, I'm set to get around ABC predicted grades. However, I have two good references, and recent work experience (I just finished it today), which has involved some really close work with year one students (teaching them at times) and I spent an afternoon teaching a SEN student under the supervision of the TA. I also have the opportunity to do continuing work experience (around 1.5-2 hours each week), which I can't put on my personal statement (it will start after October half term, and my school's deadline for applications is before October half term), but I can obviously mention this in interviews etc. I also have another week of experience, from July 2014. I've done some extra reading, which I have mentioned in my statement, but is there anything else I can do to make my application as good as possible?

    Sounds good to me so far Your experience will do well. Mentioning any hobbies/volunteer work is also incredibly beneficial if you have any. Sports/music/art clubs are brilliant as these are skills you can bring into a classroom or as extra-curricular help. Any volunteer work is also brilliant as it shows dedication, and you will also have gained skills through volunteer work: charity shops? Brownies/Rainbows/Guides? Youth clubs? All good things to get involved with and are often good fun too. First aid training is also a little bonus you can throw in which looks good, and is easy enough to get done.
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Updated: October 16, 2016
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