Bad GCSEs, but good A levels

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    I want to apply to a university in the US, most preferably Stanford.

    I got BCCDDDE on GCSEs.
    However I got AAAAABB on AS levels and I am predicted A*A*AA on A level (Self studying Further maths too).

    I also did the SAT Reasoning test with a 1520 score on the new SAT and did Maths 2 and Physics.

    I believe I have an extremely active extracurricular backgroundWill the GCSE grades hold me back from getting accepted by a university in US (most preferably Stanford)?

    Most American Universities do not know about GCSEs and A levels, and the others do not care about it. I know because I have spoken to every Ivy League and many non-Ivy (including MIT, Boston, Northeastern, Johns Hopkins etc.) admissions officers. The only exception is New York University, which claims to accept A levels instead of SATs (theoretically), but I have never seen anyone enrolling there with only A levels (hopefully I will be the first one lol). Therefore, most universities and likely Stanford, are going convert your GCSEs and A levels to American GPAs, A*/A being 4.0 B 3.7 and etc.

    I advise you not to submit your GCSEs in the Common App, because it would put you on a MAJOR disadvantage GPA wise, even if your Head of 6 states that your school does not do GPAs or Ranking. You should tell her/him to only include AS and A2. Average SAT for NYU is about 1470 if I'm not mistaken and GPA is over 3.8. 1520 is a great score which would certainly be good for any Ivy and Stanford/Berkley type of University, and along with your A levels which are 4.0 GPA if converted, you have a decent chance of getting accepted if solely looking at academics. Note that American Universities put a MUCH higher emphasis on extra curricular activities then British. US students usually have many hours of community service, volunteering, are members of sports teams and so many other things. You have to ace your essay questions as well.

    Overall though, you have a decent chance if you don't put in your GCSEs. If you apply to UK however, apart from LSE and Oxbridge no one would care about GCSEs. I had similar scores but A*AAA for A levels, and currently have offers from Bath (#1 in Management and Manchester #28 in World) and am waiting for King's.

    Good luck!

    Wait, you took SEVEN AS levels?!


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Updated: December 9, 2016
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