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    Hello all, Essentially i'm 24 and looking to start university in September 2017. I'm based in Lincoln and am hoping to attend Lincoln university to avoid some of the upheaval and such with my living arrangements. I've already done 4 modules of an Open University Degree, one at level 1 and three at level 2. Unfortunately the funding and pricing on OU courses changed dramatically during a period in which I wasn't studying and with my current job it will be very difficult to find the time to resume my OU course. As such i'm hoping to leave my full time job and attend Lincoln university. I didn't receive any student loans toward my OU course and paid for the majority of it myself (the rest was covered by a government grant). I live alone in a house I rent from my father and my current income is around 20k a year. Obviously if I quit to attend university my income will drop to zero.
    Basically i'm wondering whether this is a good idea, i'm not sure to what extent i'll be able to receive a student loan toward maintenance etc. and i'm finding it very difficult to get any information about whether or not my OU credits are transferable to a brick university. I know my question is a bit vague but i'm just looking for any input or advice from anyone who may have been in a similar situation. Any and all input is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advace,
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    Oh also, I've got A, C, and E in English, history and biology at A-level and received distinctions on two level-2 courses with the OU.

    It really depends on the exact course at each individual Uni. Your best bet is to email the admissions team for your course at Lincoln and ask them

    (Original post by Notwithabang)
    Oh also, I've got A, C, and E in English, history and biology at A-level and received distinctions on two level-2 courses with the OU.
    As the previous poster implies, every uni can make its own rules about how/whether to offer credit transfers. You need to contact Lincoln's Admissions Office and ask them about your situation. Often, mature student entry is assessed on a case-by-case basis and there's no one-size-fits-all set of rules.
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